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Table 6 Overall understanding of lectures related to genetics and epidemiology and ToMMo GMRC practice, respectively

From: A training and education program for genome medical research coordinators in the genome cohort study of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization

Basic knowledge of genetics and epidemiology; session Nos. 1–8 (n = 737) ToMMo GMRC practices; session Nos. 9–18 (n = 921) p-value
Understanding n (%) n (%)  
 Understandablea 469 (63.6) 761 (82.6) < 0.0001
 Not understandableb 268 (36.4) 160 (17.4)  
  1. ToMMo GMRC Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization genome medical research coordinator
  2. aVery understandable/understandable
  3. bNeither understandable nor not understandable/not understandable
  4. n indicates the total numbers of answers against each session without missing values
  5. p-value was calculated using the χ2-test