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Table 1 Comparison of education and training programs for assistants who support cohort studies and/or biobank projects

From: A training and education program for genome medical research coordinators in the genome cohort study of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization

  Core training program of UK Biobank (2006–2010) [8] Certification system for JSHG GMRCs (FY2008-) [4] Education and training program for ToMMo GMRCs (FY 2012-)
Initial education
 Period 3–5 days 1 day Approximately 4 weeks
 Program 5 sessions 5 lectures 18 sessions
 Lectures 1 session: project overview, consent process etc.
3 sessions: practice (questionnaire, physical measurements, sample collection and processing)
5 lectures: epidemiology, human genetics, databasing, research ethics, and communication skills 8 lectures: epidemiology, human genetics etc.
9 lectures: background to the TMM study, and ToMMo practices
 Practical training 1 session: includes practical experience of a baseline assessment visit None 1 session: 2-h role-play training in the informed consent procedure
 Examinations No information Written examination Written and interview examinations
 Other On-the-job training None On-the-job training
 Program No information Advanced seminar and other seminars authorized by JSHG Annual re-education workshop and small group re-education workshops
 Advanced certification No information Senior GMRC certification (IC experience and credits gained from seminar attendance) Advanced ToMMo GMRC (IC experience and credits gained from seminar attendance)
 Renewal No information Once every 5 years Once every 5 years
  1. GMRC genome medical research coordinator, JSHG Japanese Society of Human Genetics, ToMMo Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, TMM Tohoku Medical Megabank Project