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Table 4 Interpreting Kotters’ eight steps for PGMeL

From: Influencing factors in the implementation of postgraduate medical e-learning: a thematic analysis

Step Original description PGMeL interpretation
1 Establish a sense of urgency Why you need this e-learning
2 Create a guiding coalition Create your optimal team
3 Develop a change vision What the e-learning will establish
4 Communicate that vision Communicate these aims
5 Empower others to act Empower users
6 Garner short-term wins Define short-term wins
7 Never let up Determine a strategy when resistance is shown
8 Incorporate changes into culture Incorporate continuous, digital learning into culture
  1. Legend Table 4: Kotters eight steps can be interpreted for PGMeL, by rewriting them into questions or advice for the creators, shown in column three. Kotters model is focused more on the organizational aspects of implementation, therefore, takes little to no aspects of medical education into account.