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Table 4 Agreement (LVEF < 50%) between focused cardiac ultrasound (FCU) and comprehensive ultrasound (reference)a

From: Hand-held cardiac ultrasound examinations performed in primary care patients by nonexperts to identify reduced ejection fraction

Number of examinationsExamination resultTotal number of examinations
1–1019 (76.0%)6 (24.0%)25
11–2026 (66.7%)13 (33.3%)39
> 2062 (81.6%)14 (18.4%)76
Total107 (76.4%)33 (23.6%)140
  1. aThe concordance or discordance by the number of FCU examinations independently performed per examiner in 100 study patients after an initial training period were compared with the reference method. Concordance was the agreement on the assessment of LVEF (< 50% cut-off) by both methods
  2. LVEF Left ventricular ejection fraction