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Table 1 Core competencies of new nurses

From: Development of a nursing-specific Mini-CEX and evaluation of the core competencies of new nurses in postgraduate year training programs in Taiwan

Major Dimensions TNAC Transition to Practice Program (NCSBN) Flying Start program (NHS) Entry level nurse core competencies (CNA)
Medical Knowledge and Clinical skills Basic biomedical knowledge  
General clinical skills Patient- and family-centered care Clinical skills  
  Quality improvement Safe practice  
  Evidence-based practice Research for practice Knowledge-based practice
   Reflective practice  
Critical thinking and reasoning  
Lifelong learning   Professional development  
Communication Communication capability Communication Communication  
Teamwork Teamwork capability Teamwork Teamwork  
Ethical consideration Ethics   Equality & diversity/ patient autonomy Ethical practice
Accountability   Professional responsibility and accountability
Policy and Management Policy
Public Health Duties   Service to the public
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