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Table 1 Guiding Questions for Focus Groups

From: Pharmacy academics’ perspectives toward interprofessional Education prior to its implementation in Qatar: a qualitative study

Importance1. IPE is considered important for students as part of their education, as academics how do you feel about this?
Implementation and opportunities2. Have you had IPE sessions in your courses, how did it go?
3. What would be an ideal IPE program at the College Of Pharmacy? Where do you think IPE should be incorporated in the curriculum?
Implementation and Barriers4. What do you think you may find challenging if IPE was implemented within the pharmacy program?
Practice5. Can you give us examples of working with other health care professionals? How do you feel that works for you? For those who don’t work in interprofessional team, what do you think the benefits might there be if you were working in a team environment?
6. Once the pharmacy student graduate, do you think they will find a collaborative practice?