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Table 1 Bronchoscopic evaluation questionnaire

From: Multi-material three dimensional printed models for simulation of bronchoscopy

Subjective rating items
Anatomical Accuracy Colour of the 3D printed model was similar to the endoscopic view of the real trachea
Material used to print the trachea accurately reflected real tissue properties
Endoscopic bronchial anatomy in the 3D printed model appeared similar to human anatomy
Clinical fidelity
Bronchial tree access was realistic on the 3D printed model 3D printed models accurately represented tracheal pathology
Manipulation of the flexible bronchoscope was realistic in the 3D printed model
Perceived usefulness I believe the 3D printed model is a useful tool for training basic bronchoscopic skills
Given the opportunity I would like to use the 3D printed model again for training/practicing/demonstrating bronchoscopic skills
I would recommend the 3D printed model as a tool for training/practicing/demonstrating bronchoscopic skills to colleagues/other trainees
Training on the 3D printed model is a valuable learning exercise
Open-ended response
What is the strength of 3D printed airway models?
How could the 3D printed airway models be improved?