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Table 1. Deyo’s Seven Myths of Back Pain. Deyo, R.A. (1998) 'Low-back pain', Sci Am, 279(2), 48-53

From: Do medical students believe the back pain myths? A cross-sectional study

1. If you have a slipped disc (also known as a herniated or ruptured disc), you must have surgery.
2. Radiographs and newer imaging tests (computed tomography [CT] and magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] scans) can always identify the cause of the pain.
3. If your back hurts, you should take it easy until the pain goes away.
4. Most back pain is caused by injuries or heavy lifting.
5. Back pain is usually disabling.
6. Everyone with back pain should have a spine radiograph.
7. Bed rest is the mainstay of therapy.