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Table 2 Free text qualitative feedback from academic detailing evaluation sessions

From: Evaluating a process of academic detailing in primary care: an educational programme for acute kidney injury

Free text comments from participants of academic detailing sessions
Mix of presentation, case note audit & informal discussion was good
Liked the whole relaxed chat thing
Definitely a valuable learning experience. Enough information, down to earth, very practical and well delivered talk by Consultant
Ensuring each participant bought a case would improve case discussions
Excellent & helpful
Excellent thanks
Fantastic, Consultant had very good manner in presenting & was approachable
Discussion of cases didn’t really happen and would have been useful
Good session. Great to have some interaction between primary and secondary care
Great evening, case discussions fell a bit flat as cases not prepared by GPs & some cases did not illustrate problems for GPs well. This form is quite long & complicated.
Helpful to have an expert to field questions and highlight guidelines