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Table 5 Theme 3 – Learning guidance

From: Using Kahoot! as a formative assessment tool in medical education: a phenomenological study

Subthemes Categories Quotations
Provides feedback Insights into areas for improvement ‘It tells us, as an indicator, we are still not prepared [on certain topics]. So, we need to study more.’ [P20] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Immediate feedback ‘When we answer Kahoot!, we will know which questions we have answered wrong on the spot.’ [P35] FGD [5] 08/02/18
Encourages self-reflection and self-assessment Focused learning ‘By using Kahoot!, I feel it can give me some guidance regarding what is important to study.’ [P2] FGD [1] 24/01/18
Stimulation of self-reflection ‘It is like telling us … you are still not ready. You need to study more.’ [P27] FGD [4] 03/02/18
Top scorers as benchmarks ‘We will know who the outstanding students are, and we can learn from them.’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Support for weak students ‘Some of our colleagues may look depressed and frustrated, so we can help them.’ [P20] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Knowledge testing ‘Kahoot! really tests our understanding of subjects.’ [P34] FGD [5] 08/02/18
Assessment of understanding ‘… you would know your level of understanding [on the subject].’ [P34] FGD [5] 08/02/18
Improve understanding Increased understanding ‘… lecture note we read. Okay, we know these are the symptoms of it. Then suddenly we see in Kahoot! two or three, a few more symptoms … “Ooh, these are also the symptoms of the disease.” Then we get the knowledge.’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Examination preparation Test of ability to respond quickly ‘Kahoot! also tests a speedy response because we have only a few seconds to answer each question.’ [P34] FGD [5] 08/02/18
Development of rapid information processing ‘It trains us to think fast. It gives us limited time to think. It will train our minds to answer questions fast….’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Early exposure to MCQs ‘I think that would be particularly helpful, especially in [answering] MCQs….’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Promotion of examination preparation ‘We will make better preparations….’ [P25] FGD [4] 03/02/18
Focused learning Guidance in setting learning priorities ‘… we can see which topics are important … which topics are less important, which topics we have studied, which ones we have not.…’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Promotion of goal setting ‘With Kahoot!, we can have our own target … like, this time I study this much, so my target should be this much.’ [P17] FGD [3] 4/01/18