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Table 4 Theme 2 – Source of motivation

From: Using Kahoot! as a formative assessment tool in medical education: a phenomenological study

Subthemes Categories Quotations
Drives learning Stimulation of continual learning ‘For me, the Kahoot! session is helpful because of its competitiveness. Psychologically, when there is a competition, we will get ready for it. So, it will encourage us to continuously learn.’ [P3] FGD [1] 24/01/18
Facilitation of review of subject matter ‘I used to think that, okay, this question is not that important, so just go through. I don’t go in deep. So, when they ask during Kahoot!, I’ll think … oh, this is important. There is a chance for them to ask this kind of question. So, I go back to my room and study.’ [P5] FGD [1] 24/01/18
Promotion of deep learning ‘Kahoot! triggers us to cover the topics properly.’ [P25] FGD [4] 03/02/18
Perceptions of improved performance ‘We cover everything so that we can answer Kahoot! properly. So, this automatically improves our academic performance.’ [P4] FGD [1] 24/01/18
Sense of competition ‘When we play it together, it’s really fun. When we play it, we know our ranking. If we notice our ranking is at the bottom … [we will think] after this: I will focus … must answer the questions correctly. With the usual assessment, we do not know [immediately whether our answer is correct] … One more thing: At the end of the session, there are prizes for the winners. So, this will motivate us more….’ [P26] FGD [4] 03/02/18
Increased self-confidence ‘Kahoot! always encourages us by telling usYou are almost there….” … “Try harder.…” It’s motivating us….’ [P15] FGD [1] 01/06/18
Motivation to improve performance ‘When you fail something, it will trigger you to work more and to get it right….’ [P15] FGD [1] 01/06/18
Provides sense of satisfaction Satisfaction ‘When our names are displayed [on the Kahoot!ers of the month frame], we feel very proud … It is worth what we have [gone through to] learn.’ [P20] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Gratification ‘When our name is displayed on the screen, we feel very proud, especially when we are in the top three. Our name is also displayed on the frame.’ [P24] FGD [4] 03/02/18