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Table 3 Theme 1– Attractive learning tool

From: Using Kahoot! as a formative assessment tool in medical education: a phenomenological study

Subthemes Categories Quotations
User-friendliness Accessibility ‘It’s easier to use a mobile phone [for formative assessment with Kahoot! than] with eQuiz, which requires a [desktop] computer or laptop. Kahoot! is better because we can use our mobile phones to get access to the formative assessment. It is easier.’ [P7] FGD [1] 24/01/18
Specific time & location ‘… so, when it comes to Kahoot! and what you said, because all of us are in the lecture hall and all of us are answering it together, you have to answer. So, you will answer the Kahoot! questions and actually learn something.’ [P8] FGD [2] 30/01/18
Student participation ‘For me, the main advantage of Kahoot! is … all students get involved [with the activity].’ [P24] FGD [4] 03/02/18
Fun learning Gamification ‘When we play Kahoot!, we feel like we are playing something. We like it because we are in a stressful environment for the entire day, but when we have Kahoot! sessions, we see it as a game, sort of entertainment. At the same time, we get knowledge.’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Audio-visual stimuli ‘Kahoot! is more interesting because it is colourful. Sometimes there are pictures, etc. [P25] FGD [4] 03/02/18
Challenge ‘… and another thing is Kahoot! is more challenging because the time is like … very short. We have 20 s for each question.…’ [P29–35] FGD [5] 08/02/18
Fun activity ‘The Kahoot! session is something like a class … we just go there … attend the session … answer the questions and then we can come out happy.…’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Group learning ‘When we play Kahoot! … some of my friends might get frustrated. We can help them…. It is helpful….’ [P21] FGD [3] 04/01/18
Real-time results ‘We feel really excited … fun … because we can see [the result] live [on the screen].’ [P15–21] FGD [3] 4/01/18
Differences in technique ‘[Compared to eQuiz] Kahoot! is much better because the same [kinds of] questions are used but with a different technique. It is better.…’ [P1] FGD [1] 24/01/18
Active learning Promotion of student participation ‘For me, the main advantage of Kahoot! is everybody gets involved….’ [P28] FGD [4] 03/02/18
Interactivity ‘What is good about Kahoot! [compared to eQuiz], Kahoot! is more interactive….’ [P3] FGD [1] 24/01/18
Promotion of active participation ‘… it requires more focus, active participation during the session….’ [P2] FGD [1] 24/01/18