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Table 1 Survey questions

From: Student and faculty perceptions: appropriate consequences of lapses in academic integrity in health sciences education

1 Non-clinical Taking pictures of test material and distributing them online for others to access
2 Paraphrasing material in a written assignment without giving credit to or referencing the original author
3 Copying or sharing answers with another student during the test
4 Sharing password information for an online exam or course so that an unauthorized user can access it
5 Receiving detailed test questions from students who have previously taken the test
6 Making up an excuse or illness to postpone a test for the purpose of allowing more time to study
7 Clinical Recording patient information in the patient medical record (i.e. vital signs, treatments given, education, or physical examination) as “performed” when it actually was not performed or inaccurately obtained
8 Being involved in or witnessing an adverse patient safety event (i.e. patient fall, improper technique, treatment error) and not reporting it or documenting it appropriately
9 Copying the text from a previous patient assessment and pasting it directly into the patient medical record in a subsequent encounter, when not all aspects of the initial assessment were repeated or verified
10 Posting a de-identified portion of a patient’s medical record or pictures obtained in the clinical care setting on your personal social media account
11 Posting de-identified descriptions of patient care experiences on your social media account