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Table 5 Categories and issues for the meaning of the Preceptorship

From: Preceptors’ perception of their role as educators and professionals in a health system

Category Issues Comments
Integration of teaching and health care services Co-responsibility “The teaching and learning process integrates the student to the health care team, who is co-responsible for their professional development.” (Psychologist)
Teaching in clinical settings Mediation “The activity performed by the professional that is working in this field is to welcome, follow, stimulate and evaluate the students during their learning process, giving them what they need for their training.” (Nutritionist)
Autonomy development “Knowledge mediation process supported resulting in subject’s autonomy development.” (Nurse)
Active Methods Practical learning “It consists of the development of an educational environment, according to the National Curriculum Guidelines and the population’s health care needs.” (Social Worker)
Educational Planning “Activities which include the development of an educational plan during the training process: learning methods, evaluation, and feedback.” (Nurse)
Reality Changing Critical Awareness “It is to help the student’s training in a clinical setting, looking for the development of their reflection about concepts and their applications to the reality.” (Pharmacist)
Knowledge Building “The relationship between health care professionals and students, contributing to knowledge building, which benefits both of them, as well the patients.” (Physiotherapist)