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Table 2 Results of the factor analysis of 2058 medical students

From: The effects of academic adaptability on academic burnout, immersion in learning, and academic performance among Chinese medical students: a cross-sectional study

Item Common factors Name offactors
  1 2 3 4 5 6  
I have no motivation for studying. I lack of perseverance. 0.752       Self-learning
I did not study very well, so I always make effort at the last moment and stay up all night for studying. 0.739       
When I am studying, I often fail to complete the task in the prescribed time. 0.734       
When I am studying in school, if the environment is a little noisy, I will be agitated and stop learning. 0.709       
The management style of college is not as good as middle school, and I feel less self-control. 0.651       
I find it difficult to relate real life to practical applications. 0.640       
I study very passively. I rarely ask questions or speak actively in class. I do not want to study actively. 0.632       
I often attend various learning activities and listen to some lectures about learning methods and experience.   0.776      Information utilization
I often ask other people how to fit the university’s study better.   0.755      
I often focus on the information inside and outside the school and try to increase the amount of information what I have.   0.679      
I can make friends from different majors and can learn and communicate with them.   0.671      
I can make good use of library’s books.   0.639      
I often learn from other people’s excellent learning experience to improve.   0.555      
I have a lot of own time in college, and I can use it very well.   0.447      
If I have a chance, I will go to a summer social practice.   0.423      
Although I feel nervous and anxious when I’m leaning, I can generally find ways to relaxing.    0.737     Environmental choice
I can adapt quickly to the new learning environment in university.    0.650     
I can adapt quickly to the new learning environment in university.    0.621     
I can use different learning methods according to the needs of university’ s study.    0.614     
Even if my learning environment is not good, I can create a good learning environment by myself.    0.562     
I think learning is important for the future work and life, so my self-consciousness is very high.     0.684    Goal orientation
I often develop a learning goal that combines long-term and short-term goals.     0.651    
I will make adjustments if my own learning goals are not realized.     0.573    
I feel that I’m under a lot of pressure, and I don’t know what to do to solve the problem.      0.868   Coping with stress
I’m worried about my career prospects, and I think there is a contradiction between the uncertain future job and the current hard work.      0.851   
I always want to change my major.       0.778 Professional interest
Because I am not interested in my professional courses, so my enthusiasm for learning has been affected.       0.737