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Table 3 Comparison of Student-Identified Domains with AAMC Professional Behavior Sets

From: Pre-clerkship medical students’ perceptions of medical professionalism

AAMC Behavior Sets M1 M2
Physicians subordinate their own interests to the interests of others x  
Physicians adhere to high ethical and moral standards x x
Physicians respond to societal needs, and their behaviors reflect a social contract with the communities served x x
Core humanistic values, including honesty and integrity, caring and compassion, altruism and empathy, respect for all x x
Physicians exercise accountability for themselves and for their colleagues x x
Physicians recognize when there is a conflict of interest to themselves, their patients, their practice x x
Physicians demonstrate a continuing commitment to excellence x  
Physicians exhibit a commitment to scholarship and to advancing their field   x
Physicians are able to deal effectively with high levels of complexity and uncertainty   
Physicians reflect critically upon their actions and decisions and strive for improvement in all aspects of their work x x
Professionalism incorporates the concept of one’s moral development   
Professionalism includes one’s responsibility to the profession as a healer   
Professionalism includes receiving and responding to critiques from peers, students, colleagues, and peers x x
Physicians must demonstrate sensitivity to multiple cultures x x
Physicians must maintain competence in the body of knowledge for which they are responsible for. Commitment to lifelong learning x x
Altruism and dutifulness x x
  1. Alignment of medical professionalism domains identified by first and second year medical students at UCF College of Medicine with the AAMC Professionalism Behavior Sets