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Table 3 Post-study survey results on the e-Learning resources for feedback purposes; each question is rated from 1 (strongly disagree) to 10 (strongly agree)

From: The evaluation of e-learning resources as an adjunct to otolaryngology teaching: a pilot study

Question Average Score out of 10
Q1. Teaching material provided in the e-Learning resources was clear and easy to understand 8.84 ± 0.96
Q2. Teaching material provided in the e-Learning resources was delivered at an appropriate pace and in a logical sequence 8.37 ± 1.21
Q3. E-Learning resources were helpful in understanding basic OHNS concepts 9.26 ± 0.93
Q4. E-Learning resources were helpful in memorization and revision of OHNS clinical skills 8.63 ± 0.96
Q5. E-Learning resources were easy to use and navigate 8.37 ± 1.34
Q6. E-Learning resources were enjoyable resources to use for additional study 8.11 ± 1.10
Q7. E-Learning resources are useful tools in supplementing traditional OHNS teaching in medical school 9.47 ± 0.90
Q8. I would recommend these OHNS e-Learning resources to another student 8.57 ± 1.12
Q9. The OSCE assessment process in this study was fair 8.05 ± 0.97
Q10. I feel that I am able to perform basic OHNS examinations better as an junior doctor in the Emergency Department with the additional use of e-Learning resources 8.00 ± 0.88