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Fig. 5

From: Certainty-based marking in a formative assessment improves student course appreciation but not summative examination scores

Fig. 5

Item analysis of exam scores provides no evidence for an effect of CBL on summative assessment performance. a Cumulative exam scores corrected for guessing of students taking CBL-based CAFA 3 – Chromatin (red symbols) or CBL-based CAFA 4 – Replication (blue symbols). Control questions are 88 exam questions not specifically related to the topics chromatin and replication, whereas the 5 chromatin- and 6 replication-related questions were designed to specifically interrogate these respective topics. b p’-values for control questions, chromatin-related questions and replication-related questions. c Item-rest correlations of the three question sets. In all panels the horizontal black bars indicate median values, boxes indicate the interquartile range (IQR), and whiskers indicate 1.5 × IQR

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