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Fig. 4

From: Certainty-based marking in a formative assessment improves student course appreciation but not summative examination scores

Fig. 4

Student responses from the online anonymous perception survey. The data reflect part of the cumulative result of an 18-question online survey (n = 159; 41% response rate). Concise versions of the survey questions are shown on the left, distribution of choices is displayed on the right. Answers to the questions 1–3 and 12 (in parentheses) are not represented. Bar sizes are proportional to the indicated percentages and corresponding choice options are displayed above the relevant bars. Question 18 represented an open invitation for further remarks. Seventeen of the 159 students had heard of CBL before (question 1), either via contacts (5), high school experience (5) or other means (question 2). Eighty-two students worked on CBL-based CAFA 3 – Chromatin and seventy-seven on CBL-based CAFA 4 – Replication (question 3). In question 12 students were asked how often they used the possibility to save, store or print their test results as provided at the end of the CBL-CAFA (Additional file 2). Only twenty-six students (16.3%) actually used this option, and two of them did so more than once. The text of the online survey, with full description of the questions, is provided as Additional file 5

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