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Fig. 3

From: Certainty-based marking in a formative assessment improves student course appreciation but not summative examination scores

Fig. 3

Duration but not frequency of student-instructor interactions is increased upon inclusion of CBL. Student-instructor interactions were logged during supervised CAFA sessions for modules CAFA 3 – Chromatin and CAFA 4 – Replication. Four sessions were run per module, two of which exploited CBL (light blue boxes), and in total seven different instructors (A-G) were involved. One instructor supervised only CBL-based sessions (D) and another only CAFAs that lacked CBL (E). The number of interactions per instructor for each CAFA type is listed below the box plots. Horizontal black bars indicate median interaction time (in minutes), boxes indicate the interquartile range (IQR), whiskers indicate 1.5 × IQR. Nd = not determined

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