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Fig. 2

From: Certainty-based marking in a formative assessment improves student course appreciation but not summative examination scores

Fig. 2

Cumulative feedback to students based on certainty-based learning as displayed in our two CAFA modules. By navigating to the results (in Dutch: “Resultaat”) page at the end of the CBL-based CAFA module, students receive integral feedback on their results. From top to bottom, on the left side in the large window the following items are displayed: the maximum score possible (the number of questions times 3), the total score by the student (on a blue background), the number of correct answers, the number of incorrect answers, the total number of questions (30), a link to inspect (and print or download) the scores per question (see Additional file 2), the minimum score possible (the number of questions times − 6), and finally a button (“START TOETS OPNIEUW”) to reset all variables and restart the formative test. The table on the right is providing feedback based on the certainty-based marks. Additional file 1 contains an English version of this table

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