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Table 3 Characteristics of the six pairs of raters

From: Anaesthesiology students’ Non-Technical skills: development and evaluation of a behavioural marker system for students (AS-NTS)

Pairings Sex Age Experience in medical education Anaesthesiology training Number of rated simulation scenarios
R1/R2 F/M 32/27 High/Low A./2nd year resident 17
R1/R3 F/M 32/27 High/Middle A./3rd year resident 14
R1/R4 F/F 32/34 High/High A./5th year resident 7
R1/R5 F/M 32/38 High/Middle A./A. 8
R1/R6 F/F 32/29 High/Low A./4th year resident 14
R7/R8 M/F 31/28 Middle/Low 5th−/3rd year resident 7
  1. Abbreviation: A Attending, R Rater