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Table 1 The topics included in the 18 sessions Kognus Basic Psychiatry course and lecturers

From: Teaching psychiatry to large groups in society

Introduction to psychiatric disability 1. Aims and biopsychosocial outlook; What are psychiatric disability and psychiatric disorders?
1Psychiatrist, PhD, psychotherapist
Autism spectrum disorder 2. What is autism spectrum disorder?
1Psychiatrist, PhD, psychotherapist
3. Providing assistance to people with autism spectrum disorder in everyday life
2CBT trained autism counsellor
Poems on my life living with autism spectrum disorder
• Person with Asperger disorder and self-harm
4. Stress in people with autism spectrum disorder
3Special education teacher
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) 5. What characterizes ADHD
1Psychiatrist, PhD, psychotherapist
My life with ADHD
• Person with ADHD
Diet, health, depressive disorders and psychopharmacology 6. Healthy diet and psychiatric health
Introduction to depressive disorders; Introduction to psychopharmacology
4Psychiatrist, PhD
Intellectual disability and other subjects 7. Introduction to intellectual disability; Introduction to Nidotherapy and the Kognus Peer Consultation training course
1Psychiatrist, PhD, psychotherapist; 4Psychiatrist, PhD; 5Teacher
Psychotic and bipolar disorders 8. Introduction to psychoses and bipolar disorder
4Psychiatrist, PhD disorder
Living with bipolar
• Person with bipolar disorder
Psychosis and cognition 9. Cognitive impairment in people with psychotic disorders
Obsessive-compulsive disorder and chronic tic disorder 10. Obsessive compulsive disorder and tics
1Psychiatrist, PhD, psychotherapist
My life with obsessive-compulsive disorder and Tourette
• Person with obsessive-compulsive disorder
Intellectual disability employment and aids for intellectual disability 11. Supported employment and cooperative jobs for people with intellectual disability
6Social worker
Living with intellectual disability
• Individuals with intellectual disability
Aids for cognitive disabilities
7Occupational therapist
Brief therapy 12. How to work with brief solution-focused therapy
8Author, autism counsellor
Cognitive behaviour therapy 13. Introduction to cognitive behaviour therapy
9Psychologist, PhD
Alcohol/substance use related disorders 14. Substance abuse; My life as a drug addict
3Psychiatrist, PhD
• Person with drug addiction
Challenging behaviours 15. How to work with challenging behaviours
3Special education teacher
Aids in interviews 16. Rating scales and structured interviews as aids
10Psychiatrist, PhD
Legislation and transcultural psychiatry 17. Legislation and rights for people with psychiatric disability
Transcultural psychiatry
11Psychiatrist, PhD
Networking and examination 18. Networking – how to succeed
What networking did for me
• Person with psychiatric disability
Written examination
  1. Superscript numbers depict professional and academic status of the 11 lecturers and the clients with psychiatric disabilities