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Table 1 A table which explicates the search terms used for the literature review

From: Interventions addressing student bullying in the clinical workplace: a narrative review

P 1   Medical student OR student nurse OR student physiotherapist, student midwife
I 2 AND OR intervention OR strategy OR education OR staff development OR policy OR professional development OR behaviour modification
Ia 2a OR Verbal OR belittlement OR bully* OR sexual harassment OR abuse OR gender OR emotional OR mistreatment OR pimping OR incivility
C 3 AND Clinical OR, education OR environment OR hospital OR ward
O 4 AND Prevent OR stop OR reduce OR alleviate OR address OR successful OR unsuccessful OR outcome
   NOT dental, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, general practice, generalist, classroom, prison, primary, secondary, high school, parent, youth, girls, boys
  1. Search terms using the PICO method. P Population, I Intervention (variable of interest) as action (2) or actual intervention (2a) C Comparison (we used Environment as it aligns with our topic more accurately t), O Outcome