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Table 1 Key points for exemplar teaching practice in the clinical learning environment. On the basis of our findings, we suggest the following

From: “They cared about us students:” learning from exemplar clinical teaching environments

1 Staff in each clinical environment assign time and resources to deliberately make provision for students’ arrival.
Provision of a daily deliberate welcome to student into each clinical environment, e.g. by introducing everyone by name in the operating theatre/clinic and briefly explaining the students’ role and current learning aims.
2 That responsibility for teaching is shared between multidisciplinary and support staff, who understand how to develop and use opportunities for teaching, e.g. teachable moments.
Skills in teaching should be a priority focus of staff development.
3 Teachers create opportunities to develop a healthy relationship with their students, sufficient to enhance their understanding of each students’ specific learning needs.
4 The potential power of teacher values on student learning (e.g. caring, respect) be understood by staff and be a focus of staff development. Similarly, how a student’s work might be explicitly valued as part of clinical practice.
5 Teachers understand that cultivating students values, can, and should be done in clinical practice. Specific skills to do this would be a further important focus for staff development.