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Table 2 The Free Course Student Doctor course: Each student can choose learning subjects, institutions and learning contents by themselves with mentor assistance. They experience work-based learning and receive formative feedback

From: Does changing from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered context promote self-regulated learning: a qualitative study in a Japanese undergraduate setting

Student: A 24-year-old male in the 2014 cohort
Mentor: A chief professor at the department of general internal medicine in Jichi Medical University
Date Learning subjects Institutions Main learning contents
May Emergency medicine A public emergency medical center in the student’s home prefecture in Japan The first aid for various emergent diseases
June (1) Infectious diseases
(2) General internal medicine
(1) Jichi Medical University
(2) A private rural hospital in Japan
(1) In-patient management
(2) Management for common diseases
July Clinical anatomy Jichi Medical University Anatomy practice
August Intensive care A public medical university in Japan Advanced intensive care
September (1) General internal medicine
(2) Ultrasonography
(1) A private hospital in Tokyo
(2) Jichi Medical University
(1) Management for common diseases
(2) Practical skills for ultrasound examinations
October General internal medicine Jichi Medical University Management for complicated cases
November Family medicine The department of family medicine in a medical university in the US Total health care, the role of family physicians in the US