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Table 1 Physician-scientist preceptorship learning objectives

From: A physician-scientist preceptorship in clinical and translational research enhances training and mentorship

 1. Improve clinical skills and learn about the balance between clinical work and research efforts by actively participating in clinical work with a physician-scientist mentor.
 2. Engage in clinical research through an apprenticeship-style learning experience with a physician-scientist mentor.
 3. Understand clinical research design by writing a research proposal.
 4. Understand the research regulatory process, including the roles of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Scientific Review Committee, and Protocol Review & Monitoring Committee in the regulation of clinical research by attending these meetings.
 5. Develop skills in the analysis of clinical research data.
 6. Explore the public health needs of the community and state, specifically those related to the research project, and investigate the impact of the research project on those concerns.
 7. Assess public opinion (community members and constituents) of clinical research.
 8. Develop a plan for communicating the results of the clinical research project to the public.
 9. Improve verbal and written communication skills by presenting clinical research results.