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Table 1 Interpretation of the overall and sub-scale scores according to McAleer and Roff [23]

From: Informing the medical education reform in Tajikistan: evidence on the learning environment at two nursing colleges

Total Score Perception of learning
0–50 Very poor 0–12 Very poor
51–100 Plenty of problems 13–24 Teaching is viewed negatively
101–150 More positive than negative 25–36 A more positive perception
151–200 Excellent 37–48 Teaching highly thought of
Perception of teachers Academic self-perception
0–11 Abysmal 0–8 Feelings of total failure
12–.22 In need of some retraining 9–16 Many negative aspects
23–33 Moving in the right direction 17–24 Feeling more on the positive side
34–44 Model course organisers 25–32 Confident
Perception of atmosphere Social self – perception
0–12 A terrible environment 0–7 Miserable
13–24 There are many issues which need changing 8–14 Not a nice place
25–36 A more positive attitude 15–21 Not too bad
37–48 A good feeling overall 22–28 Very good socially