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Table 1 Students’ evaluation of user-friendliness of digital impressions. Response scale: 1 = “Do not agree at all”, 2 = “Rather don’t agree”, 3 = “Agree” to 4 = “Fully agree”. Md, median; IQR, interquartile range

From: Students’ perspectives on the use of digital versus conventional dental impression techniques in orthodontics

Item Md IQR
The time required to perform digital impression is satisfactory 3.0 2.0–3.0
I feel that that digital impression is too time-consuming 2.0 2.0–3.0
I am very satisfied with operating the intraoral camera 3.0 2.0–3.0
The hand piece is too big for intraoral use 2.0 2.0–3.0
The use of the powder was straightforward and fast 3.0 3.0–4.0
I experienced the use of the powder as cumbersome 2.0 1.0–3.0
I dealt well with operating the programme software 3.0 3.0–4.0
Operation through the program was very complicated and time-consuming 1.0 1.0–2.0
I am satisfied with the volume of the intraoral scanner 4.0 3.75–4.0
I am satisfied with the presentation of the digital model on the monitor 4.0 3.0–4.0
I am satisfied with the oral tolerance towards the handpiece 3.0 3.0–4.0
I am satisfied with the oral tolerance towards the powder 3.0 3.0–4.0