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Table 5 Survey responses from SIG members

From: Cross sectional analysis of student-led surgical societies in fostering medical student interest in Canada

  Mean SD
I attended more than 50% of the events 3.32 1.09
I had an interest in pursuing surgery prior to joining the SIG 3.31 1.09
Skills workshops increased my confidence and competence in basic surgical techniques 3.89 0.70
SIG provided opportunities to gain more exposure to the OR 3.25 0.94
SIG promoted and supplemented the surgical teaching I received in medical school 3.63 0.76
SIG increased my interest in surgical management of diseases 3.51 0.81
SIG promoted collaboration between students interested in surgery 3.48 0.71
SIG helped me prepare for surgical block exams 2.89 0.56
SIG increased my interest in pursuing a surgical specialty 3.50 0.79
SIG helped me narrow my interest in various surgical disciplines 2.98 0.80
SIG helped foster connections and mentorship between students and surgery residents and staff 3.39 0.83
I prefer to learn from senior medical students or resident doctors over staff surgeons 3.23 0.91
Events held by our SIG to be held at times that were accessible to junior medical students 4.05 0.60
I felt the environment of SIG was comfortable enough to learn and ask questions without judgment 4.02 0.60
Overall the SIG helped me prepare for a future in surgery 3.41 0.61
SIG provided opportunities to discuss work and lifestyle factors with surgical residents and staff 3.88 0.75