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Table 5 Articles classified under ‘Introducing Managerial Structure’ category

From: Curriculum management/monitoring in undergraduate medical education: a systematized review

First Author. Year Title Site of Study Summary
Silber D. 1978 [28] The SIU medical curriculum: systemwide objectives-based instruction Southern Illinois University School of Medicine This paper is a description of an objective-based instructional system, which contains some specific procedures to monitor, maintain and improve the program. For example, the Student Progress Committee is responsible to certify student achievement of the desired objectives. In addition, a curriculum evaluation system is developed to monitor program implementation (defining needed modifications, supervising the implementation of these modifications, and assessing effects of this implementation) based on data collected at all levels of the curriculum.
Davis W.K. 1993 [29] Centralized decision making in management of the curriculum at the University of Michigan Medical School University of Michigan Medical School This article describes how the managerial structure for MD curriculum management at Michigan Medical School has changed from a decentralized to a centralized format and explains both of these structures.
Harden R.M. 1997 [30] The new Dundee medical curriculum: a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts University of Dundee Authors introduce the new Dundee medical curriculum, its philosophy and implementation. They emphasize the importance of curriculum committees and working groups in curriculum implementation. The structure of the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee and its responsibility to the Board of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are described in this article.
Fong S. F. 2015 [31] Liaison Committee on Medical Education Accreditation, Part III: Educational Program Content, Curriculum Management, and Student Assessment John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa (JABSOM) This paper is a report of how LCME accreditation standards related to educational program content, curriculum management, and student assessment are addressed at JABSOM. The JABSOM Curriculum Committee programs and some institutional practices and procedures are introduced as the designed strategies to meet the elements of LCME Standard 8: “Curriculum Management, Evaluation and Enhancement”.
Klement B. 2017 [32] Implementation and Modification of an Anatomy-Based Integrated Curriculum Morehouse School of Medicine
First-year curriculum
This article is a report of restructuring first-year medical curriculum from a discipline-based to an integrated program. In this regard, a curriculum management team was organized to deliver and manage the new curriculum efficiently. The role of each team member in addition to team performance is described in detail.