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Table 4 Articles classified under ‘Surveying Curriculum Stakeholders and Reviewing Curriculum Documents’ category

From: Curriculum management/monitoring in undergraduate medical education: a systematized review

First Author. Year Title Site of Study Summary
Maccromick R. 1992 [25] A review of the oncology curriculum at Dalhousie medical school Dalhousie medical school
Oncology Curriculum
To determine deficiencies in the oncology curriculum, a survey of 30 department heads (description of what oncology topics and how they were taught) and recent graduate interns (their opinions of various aspects of teaching oncology) was conducted.
Atienza M. 2007 [26] Development of a core curriculum on tuberculosis control for Philippine medical schools Philippine medical schools Monitoring evaluation of the TB control-DOTS core curriculum was conducted 10 months after implementation through a survey of administrators, project implementers, and faculty members who taught TB. In addition, curriculum documents (records, course outlines, syllabi, teaching-learning resources and activities, and assessment tools) were reviewed, and key informants were interviewed.
Van Aalst-Cohen E. 2008 [27] Palliative care in medical school curricula: a survey of United States medical schools U.S. Medical Schools To identify how palliative care is incorporated in U.S. medical schools curricula, a survey of deans or their designees of all 128 allopathic U.S. medical schools was conducted; in addition, corresponding information was gathered from CurrMIT.
O’Brien D. 2009 [12] Survey of teaching/learning of healthcare-associated infections in UK and Irish medical schools Medical schools in the UK and the Republic of Ireland To determine how healthcare-associated infection (HCAI) is taught and assessed, the deans of all the medical schools and individuals in the medical schools who were known to have an interest in HCAI, were invited to participate in a survey.