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Table 1 Questionnaire items and those choices

From: A simple and short microbiology practical improves undergraduate nursing students’ awareness of bacterial traits and ability to avoid spreading infections

Questionnaire items (Q1 to 7): those choices (answers)a/ “” b
Q1. ‘What words images from “bacteria”?’
dirty symbiosis health harmful benefical infection disease small
Q2. ‘What physical condition changes images from “bacteria”?’
pneumonia vomiting dermatitis headache diarrhea dizzy muscle pain heartbeat
Q3. ‘What fomites (utensils) images from “bacteria”?’
TV remote controller PC keyboard car handle train hand strap underground passage bathtub kitchen toilet
Q4. ‘What habitats (body surface) image from “bacteria”?’
navel behind the ears hair beside the nose armpit hips soles palm
Q5. ‘What habitats (inside body parts) image from “bacteria”?’
eyeball uterus stomach brain lung intestines abdominal cavity pharynx
Q6. ‘What fomites (contact based) image from “bacteria”?’
stethoscope toilet seat public telephone sumo wrestling handshake hand-washing floor button in elevator toilet seat with bidet functions
Q7. ‘What actions facilitating hospital infections image from “bacteria”?’
blood pressure measurements bedsore treatment handshake auscultation meal intravenous drip assistance blood sampling
  1. aFor questions that allow multiple answers
  2. bFor estimating Cronbach’s α score, “correct answer” that we expected are settled up into each of the Questions. Please see the legend of Fig. 3