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Table 2 Qualitative assessment of course submitted by student participants (n=19)

From: Preclinical curriculum of prospective case-based teaching with faculty- and student-blinded approach

  What are your comments on the course overall? What are your suggestions for improvement?
2015 • “Very interesting course. It is a valuable experience to be exposed to how attendings think about cases as they are presented with new information. I hope that this course will be given every year in the future.”
• “This course was very well taught and helped outline, in a meaningful way, how physicians work through cases to arrive at a diagnosis.”
• “Great interactive style.”
• “ability to apply what we learn and also see the thought process doctors go through in terms of their mental organizations”
• “More case variety”
2016 • “This course will help frame your medical education and help you think of a differential.”
• “The Primary Care seminar series was an engaging way to learn a broad set of clinical reasoning skills.”
• “This was a fantastic opportunity to get a primer on clinical reasoning for a first-year student.”
• “If you are interested in learning more about the clinical reasoning from actual patient cases this is really a great opportunity to do it!”
• “I learned how to develop a differential diagnosis, how to think like a primary care clinician, how to apply knowledge in a clinical setting.”
• “The clinical reasoning throughout this seminar helped me really understand the applications of the physical exam concepts that I learned this quarter and was a great experience to learn from clinical experts and how they reason.”
No suggestions were given.
2017 • “Wonderful course that is a fantastic introduction to differential diagnosis. This is a fun seminar that will introduce you to a variety of primary care fields.”
• “Good class to take to learn how to think through clinical cases.”
No suggestions were given.
2018 • “Great class for understand the differentials process”
• “This course is a good way to gain exposure to a practicing physician's clinical/diagnostic thought process with messy, real life cases.”
• “Learned a lot about physicians' thought processes.”
• “I highly recommend this class to all pre-clinical students. I feel like the other courses have to cover so much information that we learn about conditions, but miss the practical information of applying our knowledge to when we see a patient. I think this class was a great example of integrating and applying the information and so critical to our training.”
• “It is a good idea to take this course before you head off to clerkships.”
• “Learned about how to formulate differentials, problem lists, etc.”
• “Really enjoyed this class because got an inside look at how to problem solve patient cases”
No suggestions were given.