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Table 3 CAP attitudes to be included on GEM curriculum

From: Teaching undergraduate medical students Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP): a Delphi study on curriculum content

Rank R2 Skill items % scoring ‘important’ or ‘definitely necessary’ Mean R2 SD R2
   R1 R2   
1 Vary the style of communication skills used in order to develop a rapport with a child/family 91% 95% 4.63 .60
2 Recognise that social and psychological factors interact/affect emotional/ physical development 87% 100% 4.37 .50
3 Consider and assess for psychological factors regardless of the nature of CYP’s illness given their high prevalence 70% 74% 3.95 .71
4 Promote awareness of the emotional needs of CYP and families 74% 69% 3.79 .63