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Table 1 Themes identified in the interviews of the qualitative phase

From: Ethical values in college education: a mixed-methods pilot study to assess health sciences students’ perceptions

Attitudes for harmony in human relations
Respect others General attitude toward others
 ▪ The material, their work
 ▪ Their wishes, their value
 ▪ Not to disturb
 ▪ Not to impose
 ▪ Respect others’ opinions
 ▪ Be responsible to classmates and teachers
 ▪ Environment and nature
 ▪ Not to waste the money that parents invest
Empathy, courtesy, listening, patience
Solidarity, generosity, fairness
Neutrality, justice
Sensitivity to complicated cases
Not to have prejudices
Construction of the self
 ▪ Feeling good about yourself and others
 ▪ The self begins from childhood
 ▪ Self-esteem
 ▪ Self-respect
 ▪ Self-improvement
 ▪ Responsibility for oneself
 ▪ Emotional balance
 ▪ Effort-be hard-working
Focus on what is important
Feel good for helping
Meet the expectations of classmates and teachers
Respond to what they ask you
Rules and regulations
 ▪ Common standards
 ▪ Rights and duties
 ▪ What is right
 ▪ Principles and values
 ▪ Justice
 ▪ Maintain your values and respect those of others.
Do the right thing
Experienced since childhood
Standards of behavior
What is right
Encourage the dynamics of the class