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Table 1 Curriculum components at study institution

From: Choosing a women’s health career

Women’s health interest group: Student interest group, focused on preclinical years
Birthing experience: Opportunity for preclinical students to attend a vaginal delivery and shadow a patient
“What does an OB GYN do?” event: Evening workshop for preclinical students to learn more about OB GYN practice and careers through simulation stations and small-group sessions
First-year gross anatomy course: Pelvic anatomy session with OB GYN faculty and residents
Genes-to-society reproduction course: Preclinical pathophysiology course on the reproductive system
Mentorship with residents and/or OB GYN faculty
PRECEDE (PRE-Clerkship EDucational Experience): A simulation and didactic orientation curriculum during the OB GYN clerkship
Clinical responsibility during the OB GYN clerkship
Contact with faculty and residents during the OB GYN clerkship
Subinternship in OB GYN
Electives in OB GYN
  1. Abbreviation: OB GYN obstetrics and gynecology