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Table 4 Results of applying the acquired knowledge and skills in the follow-up interview

From: Evaluation of a consulting training course for international development assistance for health

major topics N/22
Application of the acquired knowledge and skills
 Applied to daily work or study 19
 Applied to the consulting program 1
 Haven’t applied 2
The most influential training knowledge and skills on daily practice
 All of it was useful 12
 Theoretical knowledge of international Development Assistance for Health consultant 12
 Methods of collecting and analyzing data 10
 Writing ToR & CV 9
Share the knowledge of training
 Shared with colleagues or classmates 18
 Haven’t shared 3
Application barriers of Training knowledge and skills
 No opportunity 20
 No appropriate consulting program 7
 Need self-improvement 6
Further training and learning
 If there are opportunities, I’m glad to attending more training 21
 Hope to add more consulting cases 16
 Hope to participate in consulting practice 7
 Won’t attend similar training 1