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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The impact of rural outreach programs on medical students’ future rural intentions and working locations: a systematic review

Characteristics Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Intervention Considered Medical Education studies involving medical undergraduates.
Looked at the evidence of rural clinical placements or rural training in general, in encouraging health professionals to work rurally AND/OR lead to rural employment.
Considered programs set in undergraduate or post graduate training and post-graduate tracking programs looking at/related to student rural training programs.
Considered other strategies/interventions that encourage health professionals to consider working in rural locations AND/OR lead to rural employment.
Focussed on looking at programs/interventions occurring/ involving medical education.
Studies not focused on strategies/interventions measuring either rural intentions or actual rural employment. (Example, studies that are focused on clinical competence of rural clinical placements were not included unless they related the findings to outcomes related to workforce intentions or actual rural employment).
Reviews, commentaries, editorials, news and policy briefs were excluded from the results section, however these papers were considered and discussed in the introduction and discussion of this paper.
We did not include programs that were not involved/related to medical education programs i.e. rural initiatives aimed at qualified working professionals unrelated to assessing or considering a current or previous educational initiative.
Study design Randomised control trials, other controlled trials, descriptive and comparative studies. Systematic reviews, meta-analyses Narrative reviews, editorials, letters, articles.
Articles in abstract form only.
Publication Articles between January 2005 and January 2017 (inclusive) Studies published prior to 2005
Language (English language articles) (Non-English publications)
  1. Adapted from D Yevlahova,* J Satur* Models for individual oral health promotion and their effectiveness: a systematic review