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Table 3 High priority deterrents identified in Year 12 Session 1

From: Widening interest, widening participation: factors influencing school students’ aspirations to study medicine

Deterrent (number of groups ranking deterrent in top five) Category of deterrent
I don’t think I’ll get in (4) Anticipation of application process
I might not get the grades (4) Anticipation of application process
I think there are problems in the NHS (3) Political context
Medical students are from a different background to me and I won’t fit in (3) Social background
Having to do the UKCAT (2) Anticipation of application process
Studying medicine is expensive (2) Financial cost
Five years is a long course (1) Concerns about course
Having to have an interview to get in (1) Anticipation of application process
I don’t know if I could be a doctor (1) Social background
I don’t know how I will pay for the course (1) Financial cost
I may not like the subject (1) Concerns about course
I might find the course difficult (1) Concerns about course
My family don’t know how to support me in applying (1) Social background
My school don’t have anyone who can give me advice about applying (1) Social background
Negative stories about doctors or medicine in the news (1) Political context
I don’t know how to get work experience (1) Anticipation of application process
  1. The number in brackets indicates the number of groups (out of 4) that ranked the deterrent as among their ‘top five’, meaning that those at the top indicate more consensus