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Table 7 Results of EVA II in the scale ‘Acquisition of knowledge’

From: Work shadowing in dental teaching practices: evaluation results of a collaborative study between university and general dental practices

No. Item Mean SD
27 After the work shadowing, I can order the problems of a patient according to their importance. 4.92 1.44
28 I can convey the content of a procedure to a patient clearly. 5.23 1.02
29 I now know how limit severe illnesses from bagatelle illnesses. 4.45 1.39
30 I read about medical disorders that were not familiar to me and increased my knowledge that way. 3.90 1.62
31 I received suggestions at the teaching practice on learning content that I can read about. 4.65 1.74
32 The patients I experienced motivated me to read about and acquire basic theoretical skills. 4.96 1.49
33 I can now recognise emergencies as such. 4.39 1.59
34 I learned about the implementation of the most important groups of medication at the work shadowing. 3.48 1.48
  Total rating 4.50 0.58
  1. 1 = ‘does not apply at all’, 2 = ‘does mostly not apply’, 3 = ‘does rather not apply’, 4 = ‘partially applies’, 5 = ‘rather applies’, 6 = ‘mostly applies’, 7 = ‘applies without limitation’