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Table 12 Results of EVA IV: ‘Yes/no’ questions (n = 48 practice evaluations)

From: Work shadowing in dental teaching practices: evaluation results of a collaborative study between university and general dental practices

No. Item Yes [%]
1 Were you satisfied with the work shadower? 100
2 Was the work shadower reliable? 100
3 Was the work shadower punctual? 100
4 Was the work shadower well-prepared? 97.9
6 Did you hold specialised conversations with the work shadower? 100
7 Did you find there was sufficient time to pay attention to the work shadower? 33.3
8 In your opinion, did the competencies of the work shadower on the following topic improved during the period at your practice?  
  A: Accounting 37.5
  B: Management of emergencies 27.1
  C: Contents of the emergency kit 25.0
  D: QM measures 29.2
  E: Organisation 75.0
  F: Dentist’s discussion techniques and anamnesis 87.5
  G: Behaviour towards patients 89.6
  H: Prophylaxis instructions 75.0
9 In your opinion, did the work shadower achieve his/her goal? 95.8
10 Were you satisfied with the project management? 87.5
11 Were you well-informed on the project? 89.6
12 Did the correspondence work well? 89.6
13 Was the foreseen period of 4.5 days enough to gain a view into the daily life of a practice? 37.5
14 Do you have improvement suggestions/requests for the project management? 43.8