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Table 1 Participants: gender, age, specialty and setting

From: Reflection revisited: how physicians conceptualize and experience reflection in professional practice – a qualitative study

Participant # Gender and age Specialty Setting
1 Male in his 50s Gynecology and obstetrics Academic
2 Female in her 40s Pediatrics Academic
3 Female in her 60s Internal medicine Academic
4 Male in his 30s Psychiatry Non-academic
5 Male in his 40s Trauma surgery Academic
6 Female in her 40s Neurology Academic
7 Male in his 30s ENT surgery Academic
8 Male in his 50s Clinical pathology Non-academic
9 Female in her 40s Radiology Non-academic
10 Female in her 40s Anesthesiology Non-academic
11 Male in his 60s Gastro-enterology Academic
12 Male in his 40s Surgical oncology Non-academic
13 Male in his 50s Neurology Non-academic