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Table 2 Item statistics

From: Identifying low test-taking effort during low-stakes tests with the new Test-taking Effort Short Scale (TESS) – development and psychometrics

Item M SD p i r cis H is
1. I want to achieve the best possible results in the test. [German: Ich möchte beim PTM die bestmöglichen Ergebnisse erreichen.] 3.14 1.36 0.47 0.70 0.68
2. I think the progress test is useful. [German: Ich finde den PTM sinnvoll.] 3.27 1.35 0.50 0.76 0.72
3. The test is a valuable part of my education. [German: Der PTM ist ein wertvoller Teil meines Studiums.] 2.48 1.25 0.31 0.75 0.73
  1. M mean, SD standard deviation, p i difficulty, r cis discriminatory power (part–whole corrected), H is Mokken homogeneity coefficient of item with scale