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Table 2 Knowledge, skills, and competencies suggested by midwives to teach under the proposed newborn curriculum in Zimbabwe

From: Development of a neonatal curriculum for medical students in Zimbabwe – a cross sectional survey

Competencies Knowledge Practical skills
° Medical expert
° Community health advocate
° Communicator and relationship builder
° Ethical professional
° Manager/leader
Infection control and prevention – knowledge of spread of infection on nursery, through direct contact from patient to patient in close proximity, disinfection of hands and equipment
Occupational safety – safe disposal of sharp objects and dirty/used items, self-protection against injury or injury to others
Protection of babies against cold exposure – during clerking, bedside procedures, resuscitation, and physical examination
Insertion of peripheral line – the newly qualified doctors show a need for more training
Resuscitation of newborn babies in labor ward – performing bag/mask resuscitation correctly
Endotracheal intubation – technique of placing the tube and securing it