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Table 1 Questionnaire

From: Standardized patients in psychiatry – the best way to learn clinical skills?

 The SP played his/her role authentically.
 The SP overacted.
 The SP could be a real patient.
 The SP stayed in his/her role the whole time.
 The SP challenged the student.
 The SP adjusted role on student’s level.
 The SP’s appearance fitted to the played role.
 The SP gave feedback from the patient’s point of view.
 The SP gave feedback regarding the student’s behaviour.
 The SP gave constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.
 The SP gave examples about good and bad aspects during the conversation.
 The SP said how he/she felt during the conversation.
 The SP communicated with “I-messages”
 The SP behaved respectfully towards the student.
  1. Assessment of the SP’s quality of roleplaying and feedback