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Table 1 Application of the seven teaching principals

From: A communication-focused curriculum for dental students – an experiential training approach

Principal Application
Use a skills-based approach, as opposed to an exclusively didactic approach Exercises during which students were engaged and challenged directly were included
Use clinically relevant scenarios Scenarios that were relevant to both, dentists and physicians were included
Allow for self-assessment by students Students were encouraged to assess their own performance based on videos filmed during exercises
Use videotaping method This method was used mainly for the purpose of self-reflection and –assessment
Use simulated patients with expertise in a variety of clinical roles and in the monitoring of student performance and the delivery of feedback Simulation patients were used specifically for feedback purposes and to give students the opportunity to experiment with the various communication techniques learned during the course
Use an integrated teaching team comprising health sciences staff and human sciences disciplines The course curriculum was developed by a team of medical and psychological experts in the field of communication; however, the course was taught by one person only, a psychologist
Ensure small groups for optimal student learning Maximum group size was at 14 participants