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Table 1 Three kinds of measurement used in the study

From: Associations between emotional intelligence, empathy and personality in Japanese medical students

Instrument Abbreviation No of items Scale (Max scores) Typical question
1) Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire short Form TEIQue-SF 30 1-7 (120) I usually find it difficult to regulate my emotions.
2) Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy-student version JSPE 20 1-5 (100) Patients feel better when their physicians understand their feelings.
3) BIG 5 Personality Inventory NEO-FFI 60 0-4 (240)  
 Neuroticism N 12 0-4 (48) I often feel tense and nervous.
 Extraversion E 12 0-4 (48) I enjoy talking with friends.
 Openness to experience O 12 0-4 (48) I do not feel anything when I read poems.
 Agreeableness A 12 0-4 (48) I think I am a philanthropist.
 Conscientiousness C 12 0-4 (48) I often find myself looking for things.