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Table 6 Odds Ratios (OR, simple and adjusted) and respective 95% Confidence Intervals (95%CI) from logistic regression of whether students failed at least one CU exam during the 1st year of medical school

From: Do students from public schools fare better in medical school than their colleagues from private schools? If so, what can we learn from this?

  Simple Adjusteda
OR 95%CI OR 95%CI
Secondary school type
 Public ref   ref  
 Private 1.48 [1.21; 1.80] 1.33 [1.02; 1.75]
Secondary school with high grade inflation?
 No ref   ref  
 Yes 1.50 [1.19; 1.89] 1.29 [0.98;1.69]
Student gender
 Male ref   ref  
 Female 0.88 [0.72;1.08] 1.02 [0.80;1.29]
  1. aadjusted for type of secondary school (private vs. public), high grade inflation and student gender