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Table 4 Themes and illustrative quotes for the program domaina

From: Process-oriented evaluation of an international faculty development program for Asian developing countries: a qualitative study

Themes Quotes
Applicability to the workplace In module 3, curriculum development and evaluation, each of us had presentation on one’s own plan. Our university has a plan to change the curriculum into competency-based curriculum, and I’m sure that it (my plan) could be applied directly after this fellowship. (Fellow F, University, Pharmacy)
Provide enough time for in-class application and after-class reflection Why I am happy in here is that I can actually practice what I learned in each session. Compared to the similar courses I had in Vietnam, Thailand, and Hong Kong, this program is more organized to focus on application, which made my idea clearer. In addition, reflecting on my training experience before, a fellowship with eight hours of education per day imposed a lot of homework. However, I am very happy with this fellowship because now I have time to do some self-directed learning after class. (Fellow F, University, Pharmacy)
Selection of fellows I don’t know much about how I was nominated as a candidate, because we just got a letter from embassy of Korea that says, “please nominate someone” and rector has nominated someone with related background. (Fellow D, University, Nursing)
  1. aFor each quote, the type of affiliated institution and professional background are provided in the parentheses